Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This boy

it has been a while since iv written to you.
like a month to be honest
im feeling a bit guilty dear blog!
Latly iv started talking to this amazing boy..
we met on facebook ( DW hes not a old pedo)
and we just i dunno started talking heaps
he is moving soon
well at the end of the year..
but i dont know
i can never stop thinking about him now
we talk for hours on end
i get butterflys when i think of him
And he constanlty makes me blush with sweet things he says..
what is happening!
i just know i cant wait to see him!! <333

Not much other news to tell you really.
well i want a puppy
but mother dearest wont let me. :(

anyway my darling bloggers
im offf
till next time

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