Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random ramble.

Helloo my dear bloggers : )

I found this picture before and found it so darn cute i just had to post it :)

Iv noticed the beauty of spring is starting to come, going for drives seeing baby calves lambs and horses.. it just makes me smile no matter what:)
same with notcing flowers in bloom and the grape vines sprouting
slowely the weather is getting warmer to :)

even though the years not over yet its gone soooo fast
before we know it will be christmas!!!

all day iv been watching ABC kids with imy
its soo fun :)
Anyway i dont have much more to say
love you all

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My messed up family / life

Even though were pretty messed up bunch of people
i still totally love my family
and sitting here on a train watching the countryside
i though i would be really lame and write about my fam:D

MUM: i have put you thourgh so much shit. and still you love me and treat me so good
you are a amazing mother the best i love it how you get my sence of humour and sometimes you try so hard to be cool and it just cracks me up
your so goodlooking for your age and a amazing cook your the best mum anyone could ask for love you:)

Rose: baby girl i know you find it tough me always lecturing you
and i know you dont want to talk to me anymore but i love you baby sis..
we grew up together and you were the funniest little bossiet little girl
now i know get upset cause i tell you of and always ingeorating you but its cause i love you baby girl.

Alby: my crazy little brother you have the abilty have to cheer me up your so cute and i love you to bits

Jack: my specail little brother in heaven i will never forget you your always in my hearth love you.

So thats it for now :)
just thought i would tell my fam how much they meen to me:)
larrv yass

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This boy

it has been a while since iv written to you.
like a month to be honest
im feeling a bit guilty dear blog!
Latly iv started talking to this amazing boy..
we met on facebook ( DW hes not a old pedo)
and we just i dunno started talking heaps
he is moving soon
well at the end of the year..
but i dont know
i can never stop thinking about him now
we talk for hours on end
i get butterflys when i think of him
And he constanlty makes me blush with sweet things he says..
what is happening!
i just know i cant wait to see him!! <333

Not much other news to tell you really.
well i want a puppy
but mother dearest wont let me. :(

anyway my darling bloggers
im offf
till next time

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

so today i have a craving to write to you
my beloved blog.
but i actully have no idea what to write about!!



i know all older people are like Blah blah blah you dont need a boyfriend
but i actully want one;)
but no guys in my home town they are all jerks!
oh the mistakes of dating jerks, or Agahst Boys younger then me!

And the times that i have been in a good realtionship
i was to immauture.
but now at a much more mature age
i think i am readdy to dip into the dating pool again:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

am i getting old?

so im once again
blabbing about my age.
so im nearlly 17 which i have always thought is pretty young!
but watching ABC kids or even seeing kids these days. i swear i feel like a old granny!
I mean when i was a kid. i didnt have moible till i was 14 theese days 7 yr olds have them!
and they toys! oh wow i had dress ups.. um the local park and a few barbie dolls? and imaginton:)
but theese days little kids have high tech toys and so many of them i mean nintendos ds lites for a 6 year old mini toy electronic ponys? goshhh!
and even tv shows make me feel old.
when i was young my fave shows were. Kimba the white lion, Baber, Rugerrats, good ole simple cartoons! but these days some of the kids shows have the weridest stuff! ect yo gabba gabba
and just watching abc kids im usually left thinking WTF?
so thats me compared to little kids.. am i old compared to them or has the world just changed?
and even compared to 13 year old girls i feeel old and out of fashion
even over the internet. They All Talk Like This<3>
and so grown up.
when i was 13 till i was 15
i didnt care about boys i still was mean to them didnt want a bf, i was playing with my barbie dolls, and fave show was lizzie McGuire! these days girls are growing up way to fast!
so anyway
what do you think?
am i a oldy already
or is the world just changing FAASSTTT!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

this is my first blog entry:)
i not saying im all grown up.
but at nearlly 17 i think i am alot better person than i was at this time last year
back then i followed the trends listend to whatever was on top 20.
untill i relised i was a hopeless sheep.
now i wear what i like, not caring if it is in fashion or not... and if i say so myself i reckon i look prettty good:)
i have discoverd some amazing indie bands
and have a love for punk ( i guess you could call it scene hair.) IM NOT A SCENE KID.
and old granny dresses.
i like the person i have become.