Sunday, September 19, 2010

My messed up family / life

Even though were pretty messed up bunch of people
i still totally love my family
and sitting here on a train watching the countryside
i though i would be really lame and write about my fam:D

MUM: i have put you thourgh so much shit. and still you love me and treat me so good
you are a amazing mother the best i love it how you get my sence of humour and sometimes you try so hard to be cool and it just cracks me up
your so goodlooking for your age and a amazing cook your the best mum anyone could ask for love you:)

Rose: baby girl i know you find it tough me always lecturing you
and i know you dont want to talk to me anymore but i love you baby sis..
we grew up together and you were the funniest little bossiet little girl
now i know get upset cause i tell you of and always ingeorating you but its cause i love you baby girl.

Alby: my crazy little brother you have the abilty have to cheer me up your so cute and i love you to bits

Jack: my specail little brother in heaven i will never forget you your always in my hearth love you.

So thats it for now :)
just thought i would tell my fam how much they meen to me:)
larrv yass


  1. Nawwww this is very sweet Saph. It's funny isn't it, the older you get the more important family becomes. Your right, you have put your mother thru more than anyone can imagine... but in saying that, I think things are going to start go get much better :)
    RIP baby Jack

  2. Nice post Saffy :)

    You know that whatever you do, your family will alwaaaaays loooooooooove yooooooooooooouuuuu too (do you hear Whitney Houston? I swear I can hear Whitney houston...)

  3. :) Saffy *hugs* as Morgan said, family is so important, you will realise this more as you get older.

  4. I have only ever seen you for a short time at that Brisbane RC meet and I saw sad eyes at the time but in all honesty......I have sensed a good heart. You will go thru many crossroads in life and your family will be your shock absorber and will always be there to travel the road with you so please don't ever stray and choose to travel alone. You are a good kid.........and you are also beautiful.

    ~ Bebe ~